Lodge Services

Candidate Program

Obligate the candidate on his Heirloom Bible inscribe his Masonic records in the Bible. Those present at a Brother’s raising may sign the special pages before the Bible is presented to the new Master Mason.

The ideal gift for newly raised brothers or as a remembrance for families of departed Brethren.

Memorial Program

Deliver a Bible to the funeral home. Ask that it be placed on a stand with a memorial page. Present the Bible to the Brother’s family members at the conclusion of the Masonic Service.

The appropriate gift for newly-installed or retiring officers. Many lodges traditionally present this edition to the widow and family as a lasting memorial to a departed Brother.

Masters Program

Obligate the new Worship Master on his Deluxe Reference Edition. Inscribe his Masonic record in the Bible. Those present at the installation may sign the Bible and present this special edition to the W\M\. Thereafter, the Bible may be used at the Master’s pleasure.

Heirloom Bible Publishers offers these special services to Masonic bodies — Free with any purchase:

  • Memorial Pages
  • Bible Lectures
  • Sympathy Cards
  • W\M\ Dedication Page

Also available at a minimal charge:

  • Gold-stamp your lodge name or Master’s term and affiliation on the cover.
  • Gift boxes for each bible.

If your Masonic body has not received a sample, ask for a FREE evaluation copy to share with your membership.