A Day-Long Child ID Session

Englewood Masons, in collaboration with the Vineland Elementary School, as part of Vineland’s Spring festivities provided Child ID services. The huge School-wide Festival of Activities included the sheriff ’s helicopter, K-9 units, school band, games, hamburger & hot dog booths, and other events. The Child ID Program is another community service provided free-of-charge by Florida Masons. It is designed to help provide security for our loved ones should they find themselves in harms way. A child’s vital statistics are recorded on a DVD including visual image, fingerprints, verbal recording, additional data unique to each child and a DNA specimen. All of this is provided to the parent or legal representative at the conclusion of each sitting. All material is recorded using computers and nothing remains resident on the equipment ensuring total confidentiality to the individuals. The Englewood Masonic Lodge No. 360 has offered this community service for several years since the Grand Lodge of Florida first endorsed it. The age range is flexible. Usually some verbal skills are desired in the younger participants, and upper limits include youth not yet independent. If you have a group or are part of an organization of young people and want to provide an extra measure of protection for them, call the Lodge and schedule a group session. We can come to you. 941.475.9211 Reprinted with permission from The Florida Mason.